Cops Training Eagles to Take Down Drones

May 19, 2016  

What’s up guys, for Complex News I’m Alex
If you’ve ever considered the idea of weaponizing
animals, get this: police in the Netherlands
are now training some career-minded eagles
to fights drones. Seriously.
Dutch law enforcement has teamed up with a
“raptor training company” called Guard
From Above to train eagles to safely intercept
quadcopters. Watch this:
A project spokesperson told Dutch News that
the bird “sees the drone as prey and takes
it to a safe place” where there are no other
people or animals. Police spokesperson Michel

Baeten noted that drones are “a multifunctional
piece of equipment and that means you can
launch an attack with them as well.” Hence
the idea of training birds of prey to take
out criminal or terrorist drones.
Obviously, safety for the birds is concern.
Eagle talons are super sharp and they have
a grip that can crush bone, (zoom on blood)

but we’ve all seen what a drone can do to
human flesh. Eagles aren’t indestructible,
either. According to The Verge, the bird handlers
are considering creating some form of extra
protection for their animals. Here’s to
hoping they get badass armor if this program

We’ve already seen that a lot of people
and a lot of animals aren’t big fans of
drones, so I guess we can’t be surprised
that authorities want to harness that animal
instinct. The future is now.
Let me know what you think about training
animals to take down drones, and for all of
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