Do I Need To Register My Drone And How to Register It

May 19, 2016  

- Hi, it's Parris from Epic
Review Guys, and if you receive
a Christmas present that flies,
do you have to register it?
And if so, how do you go about that?
We'll explain it all right here.
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So if you received a drone
as a present, or went out
and bought one for yourself,
'cause nobody gave you one,
well, congratulations,
drones are a lot of fun,
but now there is this
registration regulation,
and does it affect drones like this?
Well, they are remote
controlled, they can fly 100,
a couple hundred feet away from you.
That's actually not the criteria.
It all depends on their weight.
If it's a remote control
flying thing, what they call an
unmanned aircraft system, then
it all depends on the weight.
If it weighs more than .55 pounds,
so eight and a half, nine ounces,
if it weighs more than that,
you do have to register it.
Not that hard to do, and we'll show you
how to go through those steps.
If it's less than that,
then you fly it at will.
Just use it responsibly, you
don't have to register it.
So what do you think of these two?
This is a little tiny
micro drone from Ingenuity.
We reviewed this about a year
ago, more than a year ago now.
And this was a big hit last Christmas.
This is the Hot Wheels flying
car, you can remote control it
as a car and you can also have it fly.
You need to find out how much these weigh,
and that, it turns out, has
been the trickiest part of all.
For the Ingenuity mirco drone,
I looked around a little,
couldn't find an actual weight
on it, went back to when
we ordered it over a year ago
on Amazon, unfortunately here,
under product details, it
says it weighs 2.1 ounces,
so that's fine, so long as
it's less than eight ounces,
you're definitely okay with it.
Now the shipping weight

is also listed here,
and in some of the other
drones, I've found all you get
is the shipping weight.
Now, the shipping weight
includes the controller also,
plus whatever else they put
in the box, and the box.
So that can make it a little tricky.
If you go by the shipping weight,
that may not be the weight
of the actual drone,
so you may think you have to
register it when you don't,
and you may have to dig in
the manufacturer's website
to find the exact specs for your drone.
Well the FAA gives you this guideline.
If it weighs more than
about two sticks of butter,
then you need to register it.
I don't know if the FAA

talked to the USDA about
recommending keeping butter around
to compare your drones to,
but in my opinion, this
does not weigh as much as
two sticks of butter, so I
believe the Hot Wheels flying car
does not need to be registered.
Now my brother's a big fan
of drones, and he has one
that has a camera built into
it, we recently reviewed it,
I'm gonna put that link
down below this video,
but now does he have to register that?
So I researched that, and
again on Amazon, everybody was
listing different weights
for it, I think they just
throw something in to fill
out the form for Amazon.
So I must've spent 15
minutes or more poking around
trying to find out, how
much does that drone weigh?
And I found on an enthusiast,
drone enthusiast website,
somebody actually has all
the real detailed specs
for that particular Syma drone,
and they listed it here at 103 grams,
well how much better is that?
So thank goodness for Google,
I was able to come into this
converter page, put in 103
grams, and find out that's
actually less than four
ounces, and remember,
eight ounces, about, is
the cutoff, so we're safe
not registering that drone, either.
And if you're wondering
how large that drone is
for comparison purposes,
perhaps to the one you have,
and you don't have a weight on
it, this is the video we did

with my brother flying the drone.
You can see it's pretty good
sized, it has a camera in it
that records to an SD card,
and yet it's under four ounces.
Not bad.
And my brother and I have a
little surprise for our viewers
regarding a drone or two, but
I will tell you about that
at the end of the video.
Let's go on now, if you have
received a really nice drone,
a $500 job that has actual
real time viewing on a screen,
so you can see through
the camera as you're
flying it around, one of those guys,
turns out it does weigh
more than .55 pounds
and you do have to register
it, how do you do that?
To register, you go to the FAA's website,
and I'll put a link to
that down below this video.
This will be the page that you see,
and I will take you through these steps,
but I wanted to explain a
couple things beforehand.
First of all, how much
does it cost to register?
Well, you do need a credit card
or a debit card to register,
so little 8-year-old
kids are not going to be
registering this, and in fact,
you have to be 13-years-old
or older to register the drone.
If an 8-year-old gets a drone
that requires registration,
an adult has to register that for them.
The cost is $5, but if you
take care of this before
January 20th, 2016, so in other
words, within about a month
after Christmas, if you go
out and do your registration,
they will refund the $5.

They sorta take it and
give it back to you.
After January 20th, then they keep the $5.
The registration is good for
three years, so after that,
you'll have to renew it, I
assume, but it's something
you'll wanna do, because
three years is also how long
you can go in jail for if you fly a drone
that's not registered but needs to be.
There's also an up to a
quarter million dollar fine
involved with this, so they
put the big numbers in there.
It's doubtful, at first,
that they would enforce it
that severely, but it may come
down to that in the future.
And just because you've
registered your drone doesn't mean
you can do whatever you want with it.
You still can't fly it above 400 feet,
you're not supposed to
fly it around stadiums
or areas of large population.
In addition to my credit card,
I do have an email address
and a physical address,
so I am ready to go ahead
and start the registration process.
You're taken to this page,
where you can learn more
about the process, make sure you really do
have to register your drone.
If you're ready to go ahead
and do it, right here.
The first step is to create
an account with them,
so you have to put in your email address
and come up with a password.
They wanna make sure they
have a working email address
for you, so they send you the
verification, you gotta go
into your email and
click that to verify it,
then you can continue the process.
I checked my email, there
was en email waiting for me,
so it didn't take long,
and I clicked to verify.
It took me to this page,
which is warning me,
you're now on a US government system.
Don't mess around here.
Logged in, I'm ready to
give them my information.
Now you can give them more than
they ask for if you want to.
You'll notice most of these
boxes up top say optional.
All you need to give them is
your first name and last name.
If you wanna give 'em your
phone number, you can.
Down here is your full
address, your street address,
and then there's another
spot for mailing address,
if that's different than
your street address.
Over on the side is some real
interesting information here.
This tells you that you will
receive one registration number
that must be put on your drones.
So you're actually not
registering a particular drone.
You can go out and buy 10 of them,
they're all gonna have the
same registration number.
What you're registering is
you as a pilot of the drone,
so you're basically assigned the number,
and then you're required to
put that on all of your drones,
again it lasts for three
years of registration,
and then you'll have to renew it.
Filled out all the profile
information, went to Next,
and here is what I really
think this is all about.
They want everyone who gets one of the
almost half million drones
expected to be given
around Christmas this year as
a present, to read this page.
It starts out, "On my
honor, I will do my best,"
no it doesn't say that, but
it may as well, it's basically
you're going to fly responsibly,
not go above 400 feet,
don't mess around with airplanes,
stay away from crowded
places, emergency response,
that sort of thing, you
have to agree to this.
This is what I really
think they want everyone
getting a drone to know and to agree to.
And now they would like the
information to get the $5.
Gave 'em the credit card information,
a couple more I Agrees, and
here we are, congratulations.
Here is my registration
number, which I have to put
on any drone that I fly.
And in my email, I received my
Small UAS Certificate of Registration.
Good idea, I guess, to print it out,
and just tuck it in your
wallet, keep it with ya.
So that's what's involved.
Not particularly onerous,
but kind of a pain
Christmas morning, if you
just wanna open up your drone,
and go out in the backyard and fly it.
Technically, you're not supposed
to do that, you've gotta go
and register it first.
Now, some people are very against
this registration process.
I think the main idea
behind it really is just
to get all of these hundreds
of thousands of drones
that are gonna be in the
air this coming year,
and who knows how many more the
next year, to get the people
to be knowledgeable and
responsible about flying them.
Now you may remember
earlier me mentioning that
my brother and I would like
to encourage you to go out
and have responsible fun with your drone,
so we've decided to do a
giveaway of a couple drones
similar to the one that my
brother reviewed in that video.
There'll be a link in the description box
down below this video.
When you click on it, it takes
you to the Amazon giveaway.
You do have to be a US citizen, an adult,
have an Amazon account,
and I guess a YouTube account,
I'm not sure about that.
You will watch the video, and then you'll
have your little chance to
see whether or not you won
one of two drones that we're giving away.
The giveaway runs till
December 31st, 2015.
If you're watching this video after that,
well it's obviously not going to work.
And once the two drones
have been given away,
it's finished as well.
So thank you for watching
this video, hope that made it
a little easier for you, because
that's what we're all about
here on Epic Review Guys, trying
out gadgets, tech products,
all the latest things,
showing you which ones work,
which ones don't work so well,
and which ones you need to register.
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