Some Helpful Guidelines For Quick Programs For Multi-copters

Nov 15, 2015  

The latest banger by DJ for top class aerial shots with the new X5.

There is a standard for all vessels that says red light on left, green light on the right… frisky day with PPM and telemetry.


A Helpful Analysis On Uncomplicated Multi-copters Strategies


ADEX 2015: IAI unveils new ground-based systems to counter UAVs | IHS Jane's 360

Source: IAI Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed a range of ground-based We developed systems for detecting, tracking, and disrupting (jamming) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in response to growing global security concerns over the proliferation of cheap and easy-to-operate remote-controlled (RC) aircraft. The systems, which will be unveiled during the Seoul International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition (ADEX) taking place in South Korea from 20 to 25 October, bring together technology already developed by IAI's ELTA subsidiary to counter the threat from the small RC aircraft, helicopters, and quad/multi-copters that are increasingly being flown over and around prohibited sites; such as nuclear power stations, political rallies, sporting arenas, and airports.

Speaking to IHS Jane's at ELTA's Ashdod facility in southern Israel ahead of ADEX, company officials explained that three separate solutions, dubbed Drone Guard, are available for the short- medium- and longer-range detection and flight disruption of UAVs. All three solutions utilise 3-D (azimuth, elevation, and range) X-Band radars (for ground-clutter removal and separation between ground and air targets) to detect low-flying and low-speed airborne targets with a small radar cross-section (RCS). As noted by Moti Faivelovitz, deputy director and marketing manager at ELTA, the ELM-2180M man-portable radar is able to detect targets with a very low RCS, such as Phantom II UAV, out to a range of 3 km; the ELM-2026B radar can detect a similar-sized object out to about 4.5 km; while the ELM-2026 fire-control radar can do the same out to 6 km. For the purpose of countering small UAVs, Faivelovitz explained that each of these radar systems has been upgraded with special detection and tracking algorithms, as well as being adapted with an electro-optic (EO) sensor for the visual identification of the target. "These track-while-scan systems don't have to stop the radar rotation to identify the target. While there are other [similar] solutions on the market, there are no 3-D and high-rate scan solutions available at such a low weight," Faivelovitz said. Want to read more? For analysis on this article and access to all our insight content, please enquire about our subscription options To read the full article, Client Login (344 of 815 words)

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